Computerworld » InSpectre: See whether your PC’s protected from Meltdown and Spectre

Computerworld » InSpectre: See whether your PC’s protected from Meltdown and Spectre

meltdown-spectre-100745814-largeGreat post showing how Microsoft’s Meltdown/Spectre checker leaves something to be desired and two alternatives which are lightweight and easy to use. Results of a patched Dell Inspiron 5000 with a 7th gen i7 look promising! Happy computing.

Ashampoo Spectre Meltdown CPU Checker 1Ashampoo Spectre Meltdown CPU Checker 2

InSpectre Spectre Meltdown Prevention Check


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Free ransomware decryptors/data recovery tools

These are by no means the only ones available but having prior experiences with these companies’ products recommendation integrity is high. Qihoo 360 claims to be the first security vendor to release a data/file recovery tool against WannaCry/WanaCrypt0r. The article is quite detailed and a link to the tool can be found approximately two-thirds down under Chapter 3 Feasibility of Data Recovery. It should be noted that 100% recovery can not be guaranteed due to the malware’s destructive nature.Wana_decrypt0r_2.0

Avast makes available a nice tool set of decryptors including updates to recently discovered strains of the CrySis ransomware. I also highly recommend the blogs of these two companies as a great, cyber security news sources. Happy and safe computing.

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WanaCrypt0r 2.0: Worst Ransomware epidemic yet

When Microsoft releases a security update for WindowsXP know that things are bad. Among the best information I’ve read comes from the Avast blog as it’s condensed and concise enough to be downright interesting. What does MS have to say? Well here is their official blog post. Windows 10 users – or those who keep their systems Wana_decrypt0r_2.0regularly updated – can have little  infection worry but could easily be carriers. Have not yet seen details about payload distribution but I would guess it involves some type of social engineering. Stay informed, safe and happy computing!

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InfoWorld » A free, almost foolproof way to check for malware

InfoWorld » A free, almost foolproof way to check for malware


Shout out to Todd for bringing this one to light. A great way to check and clean for malware against over 50 virus databases. Flash is required to watch the video. Happy Holidays and safe computing!

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14 reasons why you shouldn’t upgrade to Windows 10 | Windows Central

14 reasons why you shouldn’t upgrade to Windows 10 | Windows Central

I hate it coming to this because I like Windows 10 but feel forced to no longer support the free upgrade. Here is an article from Windows Central outlining several minor reasons why not to upgrade. My reason is a bit more substantial.

Since upgrading my device will come out of sleep on it’s own and go into an unusable state. This then leads to a forced, hard-shutdown with the power button and, as you should know, this is not healthy for Windows or the device. Since this machine is either being used or in sleep mode this instability is unacceptable and I would rather regress back to the stability of Windows 7.

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6 multitasking tips to be more productive on Windows 10 | Windows Central

6 multitasking tips to be more productive on Windows 10 | Windows Central

Although most of us will use Windows 10 at home before work it can’t hurt to familiarize yourself with it’s productivity tools and features. Windows Central has put together an excellent article outlining such functions including how-to videos and a table of useful keyboard shortcuts!

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[Updated 12-17-2015] 360 Total Security versus Glary Utilities: Battle of the 1-click cleaners? Not really.

[Updated 12-17-2015: ZDNet has published a first-impressions review of this product which is worth checking out.]

This is not the most equal comparison since each program does not perform the exact, same function. 360 Total Security is a highly rated antivirus  and Glary Utilities is a comprehensive cleaner/optimizer, but there is overlap and both are Windows 10 compatible. The shots below show what each finds pre-cleansing.

360 TS pre GlaryGlary pre 360 TS
Glary checks more categories and finds more so it was executed first. Then a rescan with 360TS shows that about 70 MB of junk still remained.

360 TS post Glary

Again this is like comparing apples to oranges so to say that one is better than the other is not prudent. Use them both, they work well together with no adverse interactions. 360TS is a fine daily or weekly cleaner while Glary is still king and great for that monthly or quarterly operation. Happy computing!

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