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Nest Thermostats get even smarter with Google Now integration | Android Central

Like I need another reason to buy a Nest thermostat, this is pretty cool and just in the beginning stages of usefulness. Advertisements

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“Windows Update error 80240016”

Sometimes it is by pure chance I can figure out such problems, especially considering my lack of certification, but by sharing my experiences I hope others are helped. My Windows 7 netbook experienced this error. Microsoft Support was partially helpful … Continue reading

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Softpedia predicts the future of the laptop.

In their post Imaging the Laptop of the Future Softpedia makes predictions not only in form but in functionality too. In form, the keyboard is king and looks to be going nowhere. 2-in-1, hinged devices with touchscreens will proliferate but … Continue reading

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Watch “YotaPhone 2 hands-on” on YouTube

A dual-sided phone, AMOLED screen on one side, e-ink on the other. Gimmick or innovation? Innovation I think but will it catch on? Only at the right price. YotaPhone 2 hands-on:

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“Should I Remove It?” is helpful and a good starting point to remove bloatware

Along the lines of PC Decrapifier, Should I Remove It aides in removing bloatware. It’s crowdsourced data is not deemed as completely accurate but it does give a good starting point as to what action other users have taken on the same application. Program … Continue reading

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