Cheetah Mobile: Hacking Team can remotely control computers and smartphones

No matter what follows please believe that this data breach is bad for many but – in motivation – could someone have been trying to right a wrong? Maybe, more below.

First the confusing irony, a surveillance company called Hacking Team is hacked and nearly half a terabyte of it’s data is leaked. What’s bad is that this company knows how to get into Apple iOS, Google Android, or Windows phone or computer. The crux? Hacking Team is known for having nefarious dealings with questionable governments, police states, etc. – go ahead, read on Wikipedia and see if you like them now.

Excuse the analogy but this sounds like the Edward Snowden/NSA debacle all over again. Is it possible someone was trying to expose what this company was up to? Sure. If so, unfortunately Pandora’s box had been left wide open for hackers, crackers and your cyber-savvy grandmother to access personal information. This has now become a foot-race as to who can analyze the leak first, the security industry or cyber-criminals. I would normally say happy computing but instead I’ll say, good luck.


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