[Updated 12-17-2015] 360 Total Security versus Glary Utilities: Battle of the 1-click cleaners? Not really.

[Updated 12-17-2015: ZDNet has published a first-impressions review of this product which is worth checking out.]

This is not the most equal comparison since each program does not perform the exact, same function. 360 Total Security is a highly rated antivirus  and Glary Utilities is a comprehensive cleaner/optimizer, but there is overlap and both are Windows 10 compatible. The shots below show what each finds pre-cleansing.

360 TS pre GlaryGlary pre 360 TS
Glary checks more categories and finds more so it was executed first. Then a rescan with 360TS shows that about 70 MB of junk still remained.

360 TS post Glary

Again this is like comparing apples to oranges so to say that one is better than the other is not prudent. Use them both, they work well together with no adverse interactions. 360TS is a fine daily or weekly cleaner while Glary is still king and great for that monthly or quarterly operation. Happy computing!


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