How to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 | Windows Central

How to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 | Windows Central

Windows 7 users migrating to 10, the start is just days away! Here is more great information from Windows Central you should familiarize yourself with BEFORE the upgrade.

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Cheetah Mobile: Hacking Team can remotely control computers and smartphones

No matter what follows please believe that this data breach is bad for many but – in motivation – could someone have been trying to right a wrong? Maybe, more below.

First the confusing irony, a surveillance company called Hacking Team is hacked and nearly half a terabyte of it’s data is leaked. What’s bad is that this company knows how to get into Apple iOS, Google Android, or Windows phone or computer. The crux? Hacking Team is known for having nefarious dealings with questionable governments, police states, etc. – go ahead, read on Wikipedia and see if you like them now.

Excuse the analogy but this sounds like the Edward Snowden/NSA debacle all over again. Is it possible someone was trying to expose what this company was up to? Sure. If so, unfortunately Pandora’s box had been left wide open for hackers, crackers and your cyber-savvy grandmother to access personal information. This has now become a foot-race as to who can analyze the leak first, the security industry or cyber-criminals. I would normally say happy computing but instead I’ll say, good luck.

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Three practical reasons to use your browser’s private mode | PCWorld

There is no silver bullet or one-click protection for online security. It requires vigilance at all times on multiple fronts and this tip is in no way a cure-all but it will help reduce the size of your digital footprint. If the hounds of crime ever start to track your scent why not leave as few breadcrumbs as possible.

New incognito 2

In Chrome it’s called Incognito, in Internet Explorer it’s InPrivate, but no matter what browser use this mode. Yes it will slightly inconvenience users, for example, saved IDs and passwords may not work, sites may not remember your geo-location but in the long run you will be safer. Happy computing!

New incognito 3

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JAVA update: Do you like using Yahoo?

Unless you want the Yahoo-experience for your web browser – default search engine/home page – pay attention during the installation of the latest Java update. If you do not opt-out then that is exactly what you will get.

Java Setup/Yahoo opt-in

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Windows 10 Questions and Answers you need to know before upgrading | Windows Central

A really good collection of questions and answers about the pending, free upgrade to Windows 10. To be honest, the more I read the less inclined I feel to go through with it. Anyone who’s previously upgraded knows it is never a 100% transparent process, something is always lost in translation. I have already advised my father that upgrading may not be the best decision for him.

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Your Windows 10 PC will love all the devices you own | Blogging Windows

Microsoft is positioning Windows 10 to work well with all your devices regardless if Apple, Android or – to use their own words – a 3-year-old printer. For example the Phone Companion app will assist in setting up this cross-platform integration between non-Windows phones and a PC. Even Cortana is being made available on iOS and Android! Sounds like great integration ahead for Windows 10, I can’t wait to see it all.

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Windows 7/Windows Update problems; KB3004375 and KB3031432

The updates install repeatedly, and there is much chatter from others having the same problem. Postings exists with Command Line instructions as-to a fix but there seems to be no current solution. The cause could be a coding error in the updates. Please comment with any new information, thanks.

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[UPDATE, May 20th, 2015] As far as I can tell this problem has been resolved as-of the last Windows Patch Tuesday which was May 12th, 2015.

[UPDATE, May 4th, 2015] This does seem to be related to Disk Cleanup – or any other deep cleaner – but more specifically Clean up System files;

Disk Cleanup-Clean up system files

Windows tried to reinstall the updates but only after Clean up System Files, not after D-Cleanup alone. So no solution yet. Is it a Win-Update problem? No and yes, Update and Cleanup are system components which should work harmoniously. Cleanup is deleting the flag or marker pointing to a successful update. To show the problem reoccurring today;

Windows update history 05-04-2015

[UPDATE, April 21st, 2015] In my opinion these two, failed updates are suffering from the domino effect. Documentation for  X1432 say it needs X4375…

KB3031432 snip

… and X4375 refers to the Audit Process Creation policy which is disabled by default…

KB3004375 snip

… therefore its installation fails taking the other one with it.

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